Sunday, July 31, 2016

QT Nail Magic Collection by Weens


It's never too late to show you this amazing collection by Weens Cosmetic Philippines which was launched last May 13, 2016 and held at Tra Vinh Restaurant in Quezon City. It's great honor not only to be part of this event but also to be part of the organizer who made the event fun and successful.

Their latest collection named as QT Nail Magic with tag line #RefashionYourNails. As the name itself, you'll probably imagine what shades are in this collection.  QT Nail Magic Collection is consist of 8 stunning nail colors and each of them has its own unique name.

"QT Nail Magic Collection"

Are you ready to get magical!? So now I'm very excited to show you them one by one:

Rule the nail-sphere nude trend of rose gold color. "Callisto", a suitable shade but countless shimmer which magically cluster into a freshly foil effect. On my nails are 3 coats without top coat. This is one out of three shades in the collection that I think is perfect to wear during wedding events. This is one of my favorite on this set because it really suits my complexion.

Closest Experience from Mars! Experimenting with all colors possible and came up with "Cosmic Sand". The original sparkly sand-like look, which magically shimmer into a foil finish once applied. On my nails are 3 coats w/out top coat. Another shades that suits to wear during wedding events. The simplicity of this color makes your nail looks elegant and stand out from the others.

Magic made from heaven as it shine throughout your nail. "Angel Dust" has its own shadow which shimmers and marks a glitter foil effect forever. On my nails are 3 coats without top coat. The third shade among the collection that fits to wear on a wedding event. This is very stunning and eye-catchy in person. I feel like I'm wearing a mirror nails because of its silver shinning effect.

Want a mystical look?  Meet the empire color of the Galaxy with "Galactica". This blue shimmery glitter foil finish creating a magical blue aquamarine color once painted on your nails. On my nails are 3 coats without top coat. A perfect base for a magical sea theme nail design.

Teal I met you…"Moon Dust" A perfect imagination of the mysteries of the universe. A teal color with a mix shade of darkness in a magical foil finish. On my nails are 3 coats w/out top coat. 

Ever wished upon the stars? Your wish has come true with "Kaleidoscope".  It collaborates all the colors of the universe.  A mixture of purple, grey, yellowish and silver glitter foil finish. On my nails are 3 coats w/out top coat.

A hot new shade is comin’ your way!  With a red, pink and yellowish color in a glitter foil effect. Feel the magic of the sun shinning in your eyes with "Red Star". I know a lot of gals love to wear red nails (and I'm one of them!) this shades totally fits to your daily fashion style. On my nails are 3 coats w/out top coat. This shade is actually my mom's favorite among the collection.

Travel your way to the galaxy with "Voyager". A Martian inspired look created our greenish-yellow shade of magic! On my nails are 3 coats w/out top coat. 

Now let's take a look more closer! Sorry I'm not yet good in doing macro shots so please bear with me. lol :)

QT Nail Magic "Callisto"

QT Nail Magic "Cosmic Sand"

QT Nail Magic "Angel Dust"

QT Nail Magic "Galactica"

QT Nail Magic "Moon Dust"

QT Nail Magic "Kaleidoscope"

QT Nail Magic "Red Star"

QT Nail Magic "Voyager"

The collection is great not only because of their stunning shades but also safe to use in daily living. This is free of the five harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polishes. (Toluene, Dibutyl Phtalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor). 

Well that's it! Hope you love this collection as much as I do.

Which one is your favorite? Me, I love Callisto and Red Star^_^

Have a great day!

See yah!


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