About Me


I'm Ria Jane Gutierrez, you can call me "Ria". I was born in the Philippines on June 1990. I graduated last 2012 with the degree of Bachelor in Science of Computer Engineering. I'm currently working as Software Quality Assurance and a Gal who loves fashion, doing nail arts, eating different kind of foods, travelling and a lot more that makes my simple life incredible.

This photo was taken last October 19, 2015

I  created this blog for me to share things that i find interesting. Some of the stories are also base on what i experience during life days.

Another purpose of this blog is that someday when get old and became forgetful, i could just open this blog, read and share my story together with my grand children.

Hope you enjoy reading stories about the journey of my nails,

Have a nice day!

Ria ♡

**This blog was created May 25, 2015 and start posting March 26, 2016.**

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