Saturday, April 2, 2016

Floral design featuring "Funky" of QT Nail Polish

Hello there!

I really love doing floral design, and for today I'll show you another quick but stylish mani featuring one of my favorite shade of QT Nail Polish by Weens "Funky". The design is almost the same with my previous mani that I have posted. They also have similar steps on how to recreate it but still I never get bored of doing the same thing lol! Not only because they are easy to do but also they look much pretty.

And here's it is:

I stamped my base using Kaleidoscope Stamping Disk №kst-58 and added BLE286 nail decals.

Now let's take a look on the base. "Funky" is a Tyrian Purple shade. The color looks elegant on nails, and best wear in a formal occasions. On my nails, this is 3 coats (2 coats may work as well) and used 3 in 1 QT nail polish top coat to add more shine. 

"Funky" QT Nail Polish by Weens

Here's the look without the flower decals.

 Of course the Matte version!

A closer shot.

A shot with the plate that i used. This is Kaleidoscope Stamping Disk №kst-58 by El Corazon.

Complete Product Used

Base: "Funky" by QT Nail Polish
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Matte Top Coat: Bobbie Matte by Chic Centre
Nail Decals: BLE286
Stamping Polish: BK white
Stamping Plate: Kaleidoscope Stamping Disk №kst-58 by El Corazon
Stamper: Faburnails XL stamper

And that's all for today guys! Hope you love this design as much i do.

Have a great day!

See yah!


(Note: Just leave a comment if you are interested to buy QT Nail Polish. They have variety of colors to choose from or sent me DM at @arayeinails)

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