Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My New Nail Polish Army: Nail Care from Weens

Hello Guys!

Today is a very hot Wednesday! I woke up and I feel like I'm being grilled on a sizzling plate lol! :) because of the heat inside my room. Anyway, for today I'm going to share one of my new stuff and I call them as my Nail Army.
Weens is one out three manufactured brand by Armadale Mfg.Corp that was founded on March 2009 with the aim of providing the Filipino people with locally made products that would be safe for kids & adult alike. Weens has consist of product like Nail Polish, Nail Care, Perfume, Body Wash and Shampoo. I will talk more about these mentioned products on my future blog post. For now, lets talk about their Nail Care. 

WEENS MOISTURIZING CUTICLE REMOVER – A Cuticle Remover with moisturizer that softens the cuticle for cleaning.

WEENS SANITIZING CUTICLE TINT - A cuticle tint formulated with sanitizer to use on nails after cleaning, It gives nails a healthy looking pinkish tint. 
WEENS SCENTED NAIL POLISH REMOVER WITH MOISTURIZER – Nail Polish Remover formulated with moisturizer and scented with perfume. It doesn’t leave white stains on nails. Removing Nail Polish doesn’t have to be accompanied by unpleasant Acetone smell. It can also smell like perfume on your nails.
WEENS NAIL POLISH REMOVER W/ MOISTURIZER (UNSCENTED) – A cheaper variant of our Scented Nail Polish Remover, without the added perfume scent, it is also formulated with moisturizer and doesn’t leave white stains on nails.
Weens Nail Care has 4 size bottle to choose from, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml. I just recently knew about Weens Nail Care I thought they only have nail polish, I was lucky that I been contacted by Weens and gave these amazing stuff, not only their Nail Care but also their full shades of Weens Nail Polish and QT Nail Polish that I will show you on my future blog post as well. 

As a nail artist these stuff is really a necessity. I know even some other people especially woman loves to take care their nails. Me, of course I want to make sure that what I'm using is safe to use.

And that's it!

Have a great day!

See yah!


(Note: Just leave a comment if you are interested to buy Weens Product or send me DM at IG: @arayeinails.) 

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